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Since 2000

The Headcase Design concept

Originally established in August 2000, our goal has been to produce a new type of carrying case that provides benefits over the traditional helmet protection afforded by the cloth string bag that is given with any helmet when purchased. The cloth string bag does not provide the kind of protection needed for such a lifesaving, expensive and delicate product. One of the problems occurring for racing drivers and riders at the time that inspired the product design, was a fundamental change in racing regulations. 


Racing Regulations

Our Unique Design

Headcaseuroupe are the manufacturers and distributors of the Headcase product range and own patents and copy rights for all its designs, we continue to look at ways of improving our product in the design functionality and the customer service perspective.

Any feedback or information that can help us improve our product or service will be gratefully received please send your comments to or visit the contact page.

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