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    Serious about Protection

unparalleled protection

Sleek design.

High quality materials

Safe for transport

Regulation Complient Safety

Prolongs helmet life

Unique bespoke Design

Protecting your lifesaving equipment

Emso Headphones

Superior to the traditional "Cloth String Bag"

We use a High Tech thermo-form method to mould the case into a “fit all sizes” flexible shape. The design allows for quick access to your helmet and convenient & safe storage.

Made from lightweight high tech materials, the system provides carrying handles and has linkage points for secure and convenient transportation.

Contains a convenient and efficient High Powered Extractor to remove moisture by circulating air to keep the helmet interior dry and fresh and ready to go.

Unparalleled protection

Headcase Specifications




Durable EVA material



Internal Protection

Soft inner lining


Most regular sized helmets, moulds to fit


High Tech Thermo-form


Large handle and anchor pins for straps

Available Designs

Red, Blue, Black, Green, Chequered, Flame

Integeral Internal Fan

Available in black case design

Fan Variable Speed

2 speed settings

Integral Fan Colour Options

Available in all colours other than green

Fan Battery

10,000 hour lifespan lithium, rechargeable through a USB cable or 5V solar unit

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Worldwide delivery available

Unique and Patented Design

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