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Headcase ® Chequered Flag


Our Headcase product has been constructed from a combination of tough hardwearing modern materials. We use a High Tech thermo-form method of manufacture to mould the case into "a fit all sizes" flexible shape. The design allows quick access to your helmet and storing your helmet is convenient & safe.

Product Features

Whether you attend a few track days or participate in a race series, you'll want to keep your lid safe. Headcase Europe has got the answer, with a durable individually moulded carry-case. Made from lightweight high-tech materials, the system provides carrying handles and has linkage points for secure and convenient transportation.

To all who use crash helmets, you might remember as to why it is illegal to race or ride without a crash helmet! 

1-If you break your bones they will mend them. 

2- If you get cuts on your skin they will stitch them.

3- A head injury can be life threatening! 

4- Headcase will prolong the life of your crash helmet!

5- Headcase will also save you money! 

Need we say anymore? 

Let common sense prevail. 

Order today and arrive knowing your crash helmet is safe to use.

Not suitable if helmets with fins!